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What Is Coaching?

" a positive, skill building, confidence-affirming process. Coaching is about adding polish to already skillful performance, about increasing problem solving options and repertoire, and about helping one take on new challenges."

-Ron Zemke and Kristin Anderson, authors
"Coaching for Knock Your Socks Off Service"

Part personal consultant, part sounding board, part motivator, a Coach combines many roles to provide you with resources, support and feedback to reach your goals. With "listening" as a key skill, Coaches have been described as mentors, confidants, objective sounding boards, and cheerleaders. It's like having your own personal advisor whose goal is to help you achieve.

Founded by Thomas J. Leonard in the 1980's, coaching is growing rapidly because of the many benefits coaching offers to the client.

Why Hire A Coach?

Many successful business people... (click here for more info)

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