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What Happens During Coaching - How Does It Work?

Coaching generally takes place by phone. You participate in your choice of two, three, or four regularly scheduled 40-minute telephone calls, with unlimited e-mail in-between sessions. You may also, on special occasions, call me in-between sessions for mini-coaching (10 minutes) to share a success or should a crises occur for which you want feedback or support.

You are an active participant in coaching. Your role has been described as the pilot and mine as navigator. You are running your business, and together we will develop strategies for getting where you want to go.

Your coaching sessions will include discussion, strategizing, implementation review, support, mentoring, and, as appropriate, training on specific topics. In-between sessions, you will implement, reflect, take action and step-by-step, achieve your goals.

You will learn how to identify and evaluate alternatives, how to locate resources and techniques for decision-making and problem solving.

Fees for coaching range from $350.00 to $750.00 per month, plus the long distance charges if my telephone number is a long distance call for you.

If you have read this far, I know that you have specific things you want to achieve and you are seeking a resource to help you get there. Coaching takes work. If you are ready to work, if you are ready to make both the commitment and the investment to get started, then you will want to know more about  my style as a coach.

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