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Project Partners is designed to give you an introduction to coaching while allowing you to achieve success on a short-range project or project segment.

It can be used for projects on which you want the support and feedback of a partner and/or you are:
  • stumped.
  • losing focus.
  • off-track.
  • procrastinating starting.
It is also designed for projects for which you need support that will not be visible to those with whom you work.

Here's what you will experience:
  1. We will set goals that motivate you to achieve success as you define it.
  2. We will outline a timetable to accomplish the goals of your project.
  3. We will identify and you will overcome obstacles by leveraging your current skills with new approaches.
  4. You will use your new approaches to become more effective personally and professionally.
  5. You will experience the boost success brings and use this new energy to continue uplifting your business.
Project Partners is a very inexpensive way to get yourself going, provide yourself support or make decisions on how best to approach situations for which there are no easy or readily apparent answers. It is designed as a success tool that can be used as a springboard for continued positive outcomes.

Project Partners can be used for a wide variety of projects:
  • very simple projects where you need support and encouragement to get and keep yourself going;
  • preparing, planning or implementation items where you need the checkpoints and resources of a partner; or,
  • complex matters where you need support and feedback in sorting through options and carrying out difficult tasks.
Examples of the many projects on which you may want to work include:
  • an important interview
  • new projects at work
  • working through a difficult employee matter
  • addressing a morale problem
  • building or re-developing a cohesive team
  • conducting a SWOT analysis
  • working through issues to develop a strategy
  • weighing factors to make a decision
  • developing a plan-of-action for marketing, internet strategy, customer retention, increasing sales, etc.
  • implementing a plan-of-action
  • preparing for a major presentation, client visit, inspection, product/service roll-out, etc.
  • identifying and evaluating opportunities
  • conducting internal audits
  • any item that you want or need to work on that is to be completed within a six week period
Here's how it works:

First Session (one and one half to two hours)
Partnership Development: We will identify and explore the project you have selected. Goals will be established. We will examine your strengths and identify strategies and tactics that can be used for goal achievement. We will discuss timeframes for goal achievement. You will likely have assignments at the end of this session.

Second Session (45 minutes to an hour)
We will confirm the goals and timetables and begin work. The coaching will center on implementation.

Sessions Three through Five (30-45 minutes each)
These are support sessions. You will be following the action plan, making adjustments as circumstances warrant. We will explore specific topics, based on the nature of the project.

Session Six (30-45 minutes)
This is a wrap-up session. We will celebrate your success! You will build in checkpoints and targets for future goals to keep yourself focused.

Fees for the six weeks of coaching are $675.00.
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