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"Killer Marketing to Jumpstart
Your Business"

Topics Covered

  • Selecting Your Target Market
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Statement
  • Strategy versus Tactics
  • Growth Strategies
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantages
  • Matching Tactics to Strategy
  • The Marketing Calendar
  • Measuring Success

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"Killer Marketing" Program.
Killer Marketing To JumpStart Your Business!

Rev up your business and increase your income!
Gain new clients/customers and increase sales!

This is a content-rich, action-oriented course to develop and implement a Killer Marketing Plan for your business. In today's competitive marketplace, you need an effective strategy for marketing your business. Attending networking meetings and passing out cards or hoping word-of-mouth will bring customers to your door simply isn't enough.

If you aren't meeting your revenue goals, if your business has reached a plateau, if you aren't attracting the customers you want, then this program is for you! You will have fieldwork that-when completed-will result in an effective marketing plan for your business or for a specific product or service.

This feature-packed program includes:

  • 2 Individual Coaching Sessions to discuss your business and it's unique situation
  • 4 Hours of Class Time
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Weekly Tip Sheet
  • Weekly Action Items
  • Individual Feedback
  • Full access to the "participants only" website with detailed Class Notes, Links and Resources available only to you
You will participate in two private coaching sessions, one prior to the start of the program and one at the end of the program. These private sessions are designed to identify the specific needs of your business, explore your plans, and improve your effectiveness as CEO/Owner. These coaching sessions help ensure you get the most from this program-and give you tools to be effective when you implement the plan.

I have simplified the process for developing and implementing an effective marketing plan. This program of four sessions is interactive and features the following steps, topic areas and fieldwork:
  • Pre-Session Fieldwork
    • Establishing Goals and a Budget for Marketing (easy worksheets provided)
    • Describing Products, Services and Customer Benefits (simple guidelines provided)

  • Session One  Selecting Your Target Market
    • Fieldwork: A Look at Your Competitors (simple worksheet provided)

  • Session Two  Writing Your Positioning Statement
    • Fieldwork: Complete Your Positioning Statement

  • Session Three  Developing Marketing Strategy
    • Fieldwork: Write Your Marketing Strategy
    • Fieldwork: Review Marketing Tactics

  • Session Four  Identifying and Selecting Marketing Tactics Plus Establishing An Action Calendar
    • Fieldwork: Finalize Your Marketing Plan
      (quick checklist provided)

  • Post-Session Fieldwork
    • Implement Your Marketing Plan

Fee:   $149.00

The investment for this program is $149.00. Far less than you would spend to have someone else develop the plan for you, yet valued at much, much more. Sound like a good deal? To get a feel for the value of this program, look at all the benefits you'll receive:

  • You will develop and implement an effective marketing plan that's right for your business;
  • You will have the mentoring and feedback that a coach can bring;
  • You will meet and work with peers who are facing the same problems and issues that you are;
  • You will discover the difference between strategy and tactics, and how to effectively implement both;
  • You will learn to set realistic, measurable goals--and meet them;
  • You will gain valuable insights from the process, from your peers and from your own reflections;
  • You will put your business on a path for growth!
Enroll now to take this program! Class size is limited.

Four Thursdays, 12:00 noon Eastern

Next class starts on Thursday, July 12th.

Pre-requisites: In order to have a successful experience, you must know what your products and/or services are, and have your pricing plan in place.

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The fieldwork, by itself, stands alone as a tremendous opportunity to look at your business at every imaginable perspective.

The "Marketing Tactics" table is the best I've seen.

"What made a difference for you?" The very first class. It forced to me to describe, document, and look at the practicability and financial lucrativeness of what I thought was going to be my business - this was an eye opener. My marketing goals, products/services & customers, and budget actually took shape - as a real business.

There is a wealth of information in each class.

Killer Marketing is a steal!

Tom Williams
You under-promised and over-delivered! I got so much value out of the class, you were very generous with your time. Your personality and expertise shines through. The website [with class notes, resources and links] was great. It was an exciting class.

Connie McLaughlin
Washington State
I've been practicing law for 13 years--I don't have a marketing background. This class demystified the marketing process. It shows you how to take the steps needed. The pace was good, the give and take of the group was beneficial--it was really great to have the class notes. I really liked the marketing tactics chart.

Steven Cockerham
Labor Relations Attorney
I am struck and gratified by how it all came together. I didn't have a total picture of what marketing is. Now I do. There is a lot of good material here.

Bill Terrell
Writer, Author and Coach
You could have a marketing background, you could supplement this with hours in the library, and you could feel fairly confident that you have created a great marketing plan - but I would bet that your final product wouldn't contain half of the valuable marketing nuggets that Dianne has pulled together.

Tom Williams
You have done a tremendous job. The tactics chart alone is worth the fee.

George Pickering
Teacher and Coach

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